• Experience Pinballing in a New Light: Zombie Rollerz 10/3/2018

    Chicago - October 3, 2018 - Zombie Rollerz, a new award-winning game for
    both iOS and Android devices created by Zing Games throws players into a
    world overrun by zombies. The game seamlessly fuses pinball action with
    RPG-like mechanics that will test players’ reflexes and minds as they
    escort the princess who is the key to the world’s redemption.

    In Zombie Rollerz, the player rescues and recruits powerful heroes to aid
    in their survival, each hero has unique skills and abilities whose effects
    can be merged on the pinball and battlefield to create sensational
    combinations. The basic pinball foundation makes the game easy to
    understand but hard to master as their abilities will be pushed to the
    limits due to the encroaching zombie horde. Everything will be pushed to
    their limits in later levels as the player must optimize their pinball
    skills with their heroes’ abilities as the zombies come faster and hit

    The game has been given several awards during development, including “Best
    Game Pitch” at the Game Developers Conference, “Most Promising Game in
    Development” at Casual Connect Asia, “Developer Contest Winner” at
    GamesBeat, and many more.


    ·          57 unique levels, each with challenging variants and objectives

    ·          Impressive fully 3D levels, zombies and heroes

    ·          70+ distinct skills with hundreds of possible combinations

    ·          Upgradeable skills that enhance gameplay

    ·          Fun, interactive scenery capable of devastating zombie formations

    App Store link:


    Google Play link:


  • Bounce and Crush! Zombies Meets Pinball! 10/3/2016

    Chicago - October 7, 2016 - Zombie Rollerz enhances the classic arcade pinball game with tower defense elements and a zombie theme. Satisfying zombie cleansing and novel pinball mechanics are now combined! Your pinball is powered by unique heroes and their special capabilities and is stronger than ever. However, there are also many different types of dangerous zombies waiting for you to challenge! Choose your heroes, power up your pinball, and crush everything in your way!

    In Zombie Rollerz, the player controls a band of heroes on a giant moving fortress to combat zombies in a post-zombie apocalypse fantasy world. The heroes find a lost little princess, and need to help her reunite with her father in a remote region. Can you finish this task while keeping your own fortress safe traveling through the vast zombie-infested world?

    Zombie Rollerz is still under development, and the closed beta (iOS) is now open for registration. We welcome all gamers to test our game and give feedback so we can provide the best possible gameplay experience!

    Zombie Rollerz has won several prizes, including “Most Promising Game in Development” at Casual Connect Indie Prize 2016, Winner of GamesBeat 2016 and Official Selection of Tokyo Game Show, Google Indie Game Festival, IndieCade GameTasting, and Unite’16 LA!

    Features available in closed beta:
    - 30+ fast action battle campaign levels.
    - 10+ brain teasing puzzle levels.
    - 6 available heroes with different ball effects, elemental powers, and skills.
    - 10+ types of zombies and elite variations.
    - 2 epic boss fights.
    - Endless survival mode.

    For registration of closed beta: (Click Here)

  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks Harvested the Best Mobile Game Title at Casual Connect 2014 7/29/2014
    San Francisco, CA – July 28, 2014 – Standing out above the dozens of extraordinary Indie games submitted for the contest, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks has won the Best Mobile Game title at Casual Connect 2014’s Indie Prize Awards.

    - Mr. Runner was the #1 free game on the App Store in multiple countries

    - Mr. Runner 2: The Masks was on iPhone Quality Index's Top 10 games list of April 2013

    - Mr. Runner 2: The Masks won Golden Pass award at Global Game Stars Competition during Game Developers Conference 2013

    - The Barcode War project was selected as one of the 14 finalists at Game Developers Conference 2007's Mobile Innovation Hunt

    “We are honored and humbled,” said Ding Ye “This Best Mobile Game title adds another award to our growing list of recognitions from both fellow game developers and the gamer community in general!  We will continue on creating more great fun games that are truly unique and original!”
  • We just releases Mole Smash Saga, a line-drawing puzzle game with mole smashing fun, on iOS devices 7/29/2014
    Chicago, IL – July 21, 2014 – Zing Games announced Mole Smash Saga, a new line-drawing puzzle game available on all iOS devices.  In Mole Smash Saga, Old MacDonald’s farm has been infested by cute but annoying moles and the player needs to grab the hammer, smash the moles, and save the farm.

    - Easy to play, just connect the moles to smash them
    - Fun and addictive levels
    - FREE to play
    - No annoying time limits
    - 6 challenging game modes
    - Epic boss fight you've never seen in any other puzzle game
    - Fun boosters with special abilities
    - Cute characters, amusing animations, expertly crafted music and sound effects
  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is available on the App Store 4/23/2013

    Lose Your Mind, Your Identity in a Whimsical Dream World for the iOS:
    Mr. Runner 2: The Masks
    Chicago -- April 24, 2013 – Mr. Runner 2: The Masks, a new game for iOS devices from Zing Games, thrusts players into the comical, unpredictably world of their own dreaming minds.  The continuous running platformer challenges players’ reflexes as they have fun racing across a dreamscape littered with video game and pop culture references in pursuit of a mysterious figure that holds the key to their identity. 
    The main character in Mr. Runner 2: The Masks awakens to find his face, locked away behind a steel mask.  Unable to remember who he is, the character must pursue an enigmatic figure through a weird and wonderful dream world populated by figments of his subconscious.