• Mr. Runner 2: The Masks Harvested the Best Mobile Game Title at Casual Connect 2014 7/29/2014
    San Francisco, CA – July 28, 2014 – Standing out above the dozens of extraordinary Indie games submitted for the contest, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks has won the Best Mobile Game title at Casual Connect 2014’s Indie Prize Awards.

    - Mr. Runner was the #1 free game on the App Store in multiple countries

    - Mr. Runner 2: The Masks was on iPhone Quality Index's Top 10 games list of April 2013

    - Mr. Runner 2: The Masks won Golden Pass award at Global Game Stars Competition during Game Developers Conference 2013

    - The Barcode War project was selected as one of the 14 finalists at Game Developers Conference 2007's Mobile Innovation Hunt

    “We are honored and humbled,” said Ding Ye “This Best Mobile Game title adds another award to our growing list of recognitions from both fellow game developers and the gamer community in general!  We will continue on creating more great fun games that are truly unique and original!”
  • We just releases Mole Smash Saga, a line-drawing puzzle game with mole smashing fun, on iOS devices 7/29/2014
    Chicago, IL – July 21, 2014 – Zing Games announced Mole Smash Saga, a new line-drawing puzzle game available on all iOS devices.  In Mole Smash Saga, Old MacDonald’s farm has been infested by cute but annoying moles and the player needs to grab the hammer, smash the moles, and save the farm.

    - Easy to play, just connect the moles to smash them
    - Fun and addictive levels
    - FREE to play
    - No annoying time limits
    - 6 challenging game modes
    - Epic boss fight you've never seen in any other puzzle game
    - Fun boosters with special abilities
    - Cute characters, amusing animations, expertly crafted music and sound effects
  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is available on the App Store 4/23/2013

    Lose Your Mind, Your Identity in a Whimsical Dream World for the iOS:
    Mr. Runner 2: The Masks
    Chicago -- April 24, 2013 – Mr. Runner 2: The Masks, a new game for iOS devices from Zing Games, thrusts players into the comical, unpredictably world of their own dreaming minds.  The continuous running platformer challenges players’ reflexes as they have fun racing across a dreamscape littered with video game and pop culture references in pursuit of a mysterious figure that holds the key to their identity. 
    The main character in Mr. Runner 2: The Masks awakens to find his face, locked away behind a steel mask.  Unable to remember who he is, the character must pursue an enigmatic figure through a weird and wonderful dream world populated by figments of his subconscious. 
  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is coming to the App Store! 4/10/2013

    Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is a sequel to a game that garnered more than five million downloads. The running platformer sequel is set to release on Wednesday, April 24th and has a new trailer to check out now.

  • App Icon Quiz is available on the App Store now! 4/10/2013

    Chicago, IL - Zing Games, an independent mobile game developer, is proud to announce the release of App Icon Quiz on the App Store.  App Icon Quiz is a truly unique app – it is a game, an icon design testing tool, and an app promotion platform. 

    The game concept is simple yet innovative – the player looks at an app icon image and guesses what the app is about.  While the game is being played, user behavior data is collected on the backend and shared with game developers to help them find out how their icon design is liked and understood.  Developers can user test and A/B test their app icons on hundreds of real users by submitting their icons to the app.  As more and more gamers play the game and see the app icons, traffic will be directed to the app info page and installs will be generated from the game naturally.  It is gamification of icon design testing and app promotion.