• App Icon Quiz is available on the App Store now! 4/10/2013

    Chicago, IL - Zing Games, an independent mobile game developer, is proud to announce the release of App Icon Quiz on the App Store.  App Icon Quiz is a truly unique app ¨C it is a game, an icon design testing tool, and an app promotion platform. 

    The game concept is simple yet innovative ¨C the player looks at an app icon image and guesses what the app is about.  While the game is being played, user behavior data is collected on the backend and shared with game developers to help them find out how their icon design is liked and understood.  Developers can user test and A/B test their app icons on hundreds of real users by submitting their icons to the app.  As more and more gamers play the game and see the app icons, traffic will be directed to the app info page and installs will be generated from the game naturally.  It is gamification of icon design testing and app promotion. 


    Chicago, IL - January 16, 2012 - When the original P.P.T. (Pro. Police Training) was released in 2009, it was immediately featured by Apple at the App Store and quickly became a ¡°Top Pick¡± app among shooting game fans for its crazily intense and extremely challenging gameplay. Now Zing Games is proud to announce the launch of P.P.T.2, a tap shooting game built on the success of P.P.T. to give gamers a deeper gameplay, many new features, and the same intense and nerve wracking fun P.P.T. was famous for.

  • That's My Gold, our latest iOS game! 11/9/2011

    That's My Gold available on the App Store now!

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