• We just releases Mole Smash Saga, a line-drawing puzzle game with mole smashing fun, on iOS devices 7/29/2014
    Chicago, IL ¨C July 21, 2014 ¨C Zing Games announced Mole Smash Saga, a new line-drawing puzzle game available on all iOS devices.  In Mole Smash Saga, Old MacDonald¡¯s farm has been infested by cute but annoying moles and the player needs to grab the hammer, smash the moles, and save the farm.

    - Easy to play, just connect the moles to smash them
    - Fun and addictive levels
    - FREE to play
    - No annoying time limits
    - 6 challenging game modes
    - Epic boss fight you've never seen in any other puzzle game
    - Fun boosters with special abilities
    - Cute characters, amusing animations, expertly crafted music and sound effects
  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is available on the App Store 4/23/2013

    Lose Your Mind, Your Identity in a Whimsical Dream World for the iOS:
    Mr. Runner 2: The Masks
    Chicago -- April 24, 2013 ¨C Mr. Runner 2: The Masks, a new game for iOS devices from Zing Games, thrusts players into the comical, unpredictably world of their own dreaming minds.  The continuous running platformer challenges players¡¯ reflexes as they have fun racing across a dreamscape littered with video game and pop culture references in pursuit of a mysterious figure that holds the key to their identity. 
    The main character in Mr. Runner 2: The Masks awakens to find his face, locked away behind a steel mask.  Unable to remember who he is, the character must pursue an enigmatic figure through a weird and wonderful dream world populated by figments of his subconscious. 
  • Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is coming to the App Store! 4/10/2013

    Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is a sequel to a game that garnered more than five million downloads. The running platformer sequel is set to release on Wednesday, April 24th and has a new trailer to check out now.

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