Zing Games is an independent video game developer based in Chicago, Illinois.  It was established in 2011 by industry veterans Ding Ye and Zhan Ye to create original games on emerging platforms.  We want to capture the enormous opportunities on emerging platforms such as iOS and SNS, at the same time remain faithful to the true meaning of fun gameplay! 
Zing Games' team has developed and published several successful iOS games.  The latest one, Mr. Runner, has achieved over 4 million downloads worldwide and was No.1 free game in many countries.  Our Barcode War project was selected as one of the 14 finalists at Game Developers Conference's Mobile Innovation Hunt. 
We keep a razor sharp focus on creativity and user experience.
Ding Ye [Creative]
Ding Ye is a game designer, manga artist, and independent filmmaker.  He has training in both computer science and art, with a Computer Science degree from Tsinghua University and a M.F.A degree in animation film making from Rochester Institute of Technology.  He published many manga works in China and his short animation films won many awards in the US.  Prior to founding Zing Games, he worked at THQ/Volition and shipped multiple AAA titles.  He is behind the concepts of Barcode War and Mr. Runner.  His primary responsibility at Zing Games is guiding the creative direction of company and creating innovative original games. 
Zhan Ye [Business]
Zhan Ye is a veteran game developer and entrepreneur, with over 10 years of game industry experience. As one of China's first-generation hardcore game developers, Zhan began creating PC games in 1995.  Zhan established China's first game developers magazine in 2005 and served as its editorial director. He is the founder and president of GameVision, a business consulting and outsourcing management firm.  GameVision's clients include global game publishers and developers, Venture Capital firms, technology vendors, and media companies.  Zhan Ye's primary responsibility is strategic and business development and the day to day operations of the company.