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Melody Match
A unique musical puzzle game.


Melody Match is a unique musical puzzle game. Although the concept can be reminiscent of the classic memory game, Match, Melody Match differs as it emphasizes replacing visuals with acoustics.
While engaging in Melody Match, you will find that your ear and memory will be challenged in ways you couldn't imagine. More importantly, the high-quality graphics and impressive visual effects will leave you wanting to play more. Melody Match is as interactive as it is challenging, and you will find that this addictive game will continuously find its way at the top of your gaming list.
Melody Match is comprised of:
- Four modes including Arcade, Freeplay, Record, and Speakout.
- 50 levels and over 300 diverse sounds..
- 8 different style cards and 19 categories including the best of Hip-hop, pop, alternative rock, folk, country, and even sound effects such as animal calls and sounds in nature.
- A replay option along with your favorite themes in Freeplay mode.
- A record option, where your own sounds and beats allow you to personalize your game.
- An encode option that allows you to encode a sentence in SpeakOut mode, while allowing you to test your friend's Melody Match skills to unscramble your code.
Melody Match' s stunning graphic effects, 19 genres of music including today's top hits, and innovative modes will keep both puzzle-lovers and music fans entertained for hours!
Download and play it today!