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Yummy Bugs Delux
Have you ever tasted the living bugs? Or dare you?


The Yummy Bugs Deluxe, the first bug restaurant in the Apps store, now is officially opening to public. We are welcoming every brave people to try our most fresh and latest bugs. Currently, we serve as many as fifteen types of bugs, categorized in five species. In the sense of different speeds, different weights and different sizes, these bugs are fleeing over everywhere in your plates. Move your fingers to swab them into your mouth and eat them up. You are competing with bug eaters from the entire world. You could be announced as our global Top 10 bug eaters if you eat fast enough!

Are you ready? Bugs are waiting for you!!


1. 45 levels with many more gameplays
2. 15 different types of bugs
3, Smash, wipe and drag controls
4. Extended Unlimited level and challenge your skill with the people around the world
5, Global ranking per week
6. Detailed bugs' gallery
7. Optional settings for your volume and vibration

We know customers will be waiting for more entrees and sides, and we value this. So, we are now working on the new and unique products. It will not be long until our updated menus are coming out! Please enjoy endless hours of tasting bugs on your iPhone and iPod touch.