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Battle Zone 1942
"The pursuit of life, liberty, and the struggle against tyranny"


Inspired by the classic Seawolf, Battle Zone 1942 is a fast-paced arcade action game coupled with fresh innovative gameplay features.  For fans of the original Seawolf, as well as old and new players to the action game genre, this game is for you!

Time period: World War II
Location: English Channel
Mission: Battle huge assortment of enemy naval fleets
Weapons: upgradable torpedoes and the ability to use airstrike.

key features:
*7 unique enemy ships with their own specialties
*6 unique friendly ships to help you along in battle
*Take down enemy cannon shots by rapidly tapping on screen
*Call in airstrike bombardments on enemy fleets
*Various Upgradable items
*5 battle zones to chanllenge and conquer, and more is coming
*3 difficulty levels

How to play